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Typefitter, by Typefi, is the intelligent copyfitting plug-in for InDesign. Typefitter’s intuitive copyfit slider and smart automated rules* dramatically simplify the task of setting beautifully-spaced type. Download our free trial to see how easy it is to set perfect paragraphs using Typefitter. Subscriptions start at $49/yr.

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A short looping animation demonstrating loosening then tightening a paragraph.

Define and apply copyfitting rules with ease

Typefitter enables you to define copyfitting rules, then apply them easily via its powerful Copy­fit slider. Use Typefitter to quickly search your content to find common typo­graphic issues and see recom­mendations to fix them.

Deliver beautiful type, the easy way

Nudge Adobe InDesign’s Paragraph Composer to tighten or loosen text using Type­fitter’s intuitive panel. Create the best version of your text using Type­fitter’s Copyfit slider to quickly and harmoniously adjust word spacing, letter spacing, glyph scaling, and optionally, tracking.

Not sure what you’ve adjusted or by how much? Not a problem. Turn on the Copyfit text highlighter to reveal the relative tightness or looseness of text with variable tints. For more granular detail on text adjustments, click to expand the Copyfit section and reveal the precise justification or tracking values applied.

A short looping animation showing the Copyfit slider moving from 0 to +4 to -2 then returning to 0.

Uncover common typographic issues in seconds

Subtle changes in typography can impact the way your readers react to your content. While they may not realise when they’re looking at perfection, you'd better believe your readers will notice if your text is poorly set.

Enter, Typefitter! Quite possibly the best plug-in for Adobe InDesign, Type­fitter finds and recommends fixes for common typographic issues in your document; and with the Professional edition, Type­fitter can automatically apply those fixes in a single step!

A short looping animation showing several typographic issues found by Typefitter.

Highlight distracting text rivers

Sometimes, the space between words can divert your readers' attention due to an unexpected vertical gap (or river) running through a paragraph of text.

Instead of squinting at your screen or turning a page proof upside down to see patterns and shapes in the text, simply enable Type­fitter’s white space river highlighter to reveal only those word spaces that more or less align across consecutive lines, and then use the Copyfit slider to adjust the flow of text.

A short looping animation showing a passage of text with white space rivers highlighted.

Take a tour of Typefitter

Hover over the orange hotspots to learn more

Typefitter tour An interactive tour of several key features in the Typefitter user interface. Find typographic issues Find overset text, short lines, and widowed and orphaned lines and paragraphs. Copyfit Slider Quickly nudge InDesign’s Paragraph Composer to tighten or loosen your text. More info The first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one. Search selectors Search every story, the current story (in full or from here to the end), or a selection. Highlighters Glanceable feedback on the tightness of your text and where you have white space rivers. Profiles Create custom copyfit presets and setup powerful rules to automatically fix your type. Pro-only Fix typographic issues Find and fix overset text, short lines, widows, orphans, imbalanced spreads, and more… Pro-only

Features and benefits at a glance

Smooth Copyfit slider

Don’t get bogged down with numbers. Adjust your type visually and forget the math behind Type­fitter’s Copyfit slider or customisable keyboard shortcuts.

Copyfit highlighter

With three tints of colour for both tightening and loosening, turn on the Copyfit highlighter to see which paragraphs you’ve adjusted, and by how much.

Copyfit text details

Curious about what Type­fitter did? Toggle the to expand the Copyfit section of the Type­fitter panel to see exactly how we bend the Paragraph Composer to your will.

Text river highlighter

White space rivers can be especially distracting for dyslexic readers. Find text rivers with Type­fitter’s highlighter and use the Copyfit slider to adjust the flow of the text.

Granular control

Typographers have strong opinions, and Type­fitter is ready for you, with granular control over which and by how much each justification setting is nudged.

Find widows & orphans

Don’t let an errant widow or orphan ruin your layout. Bring widowed or orphaned lines, table rows, index entries, and tables of contents back together!

Find overset text

Friends don’t let friends have overset text, and neither will Type­fitter. Any instances of overset text can be found quickly with Type­fitter, along with a recommended fix.

Tame short lines

Suppress unsightly short last lines, either by a fixed character count or as a percentage of the column width, without resorting to performance-killing GREP styles.

Selective search

Choose the scope of what Typefitter checks—search your entire document, the story, the current selection, or from wherever you are to the end of the story.

Professional profilesPro-only

The devil is in the details! Customize your Typefitter Profiles with fine-grained control and apply different copyfitting rules to different types of text.

Smart automated rulesPro-only

Reclaim your valuable time and banish overset text, short last lines, and widowed and orphaned text in a single click with stackable automated rules.

Script integration Pro add-on

Integrate Typefitter Professional edition’s powerful profiles and awesome automation into your workflow with the optional Type­fitter Scripting add-on.

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Professional copyfit profiles
Works with InDesign 2024, 2023, and 2022
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